Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing?

Whenever there is this concept of high-quality content, the term SEO automatically emerges. Have you ever wondered why when you type something in the Google search bar and hit search, you get a list of websites and web pages related to your search? You will find numerous websites. Some of these are available on the first page. At the same time, some are on the second and, others on the third page, and so on. There might be a time when you wonder why some websites are being shown right on the first page. And why do some show on the second, third, fourth, or other pages? What could be the reason behind this; after all, they all give us information related to what we typed in the search bar in the first place. 

Now, if you are a tech-savvy guy and are familiar with how the Internet works, you would come up with one of the two reasons for it. The first reason is the paid promotion, for which the website might spend some money on Google to show it on the first page. The second reason, however, is a bit technical. You might come up with the fact that the content available on the website is of high quality, which is why it is being ranked so higher. Whenever there is this concept of high-quality content, the term SEO automatically emerges.

What is search engine optimization?

SEO abbreviates as Search Engine Optimization. SEO refers to the process of increasing the exposure of a website. In simple words, SEO is the exercise of escalating the perceptibility or visibility of a website. This way, the company’s website or web page ranks higher in the search results. Therefore, it is easier for the customers to reach out to them. Moreover, if the website is easier to reach the customers, this leads to more business and eventually more revenue for the company.

SEO is not a short-term process. It is not a process where we work today and expects results from tomorrow. It is time taking process. It requires regular and daily maintenance of the content. Again the quality of content is what matters. It should be of high standards with a good concentration of keywords and phrases, which depicts what that content holds for the reader.

Methods and Techniques of SEO

As stated earlier that SEO is a long-term process. Individuals or businesses around the globe commonly deploy numerous SEO methods and techniques. A fair few of the major ones are listed below:

Relation of SEO and Digital Marketing

Recall that Digital Marketing is the latest and more advanced form of marketing. As we all know, marketing promotes the brand to reach more customers and get additional sales under your belt. Digital Marketing is almost similar to simple, or we can say, traditional marketing. The difference, however, is just an addition of the Internet, which serves as the medium. Digital Marketing has been quite popular, which is increasing Internet usage. Now more people than ever are using the Internet. Digital Marketing aims at targeting such people because these include a massive amount of potential customers.

Everyone would agree that the most prominent objective of digital marketing is to bring more sales. It deploys to boost sales which eventually leads to an increase in earnings. SEO achieves through Digital Marketing which helps to bring up our website or web page when people search related to our niche. Thus our page or website is easily accessible, and people can contact and do business with us.

However, there is a significant drawback. You are not the only one using Digital Marketing. There are millions out there who we refer to as your competitors. They are using the same techniques for their promotion, so how does Digital Marketing benefit you? That is where the SEO becomes functional. Only Digital Marketing alone is not enough to counter today’s competition, but with the help of proper SEO, it is very much possible.

What does SEO bring to Digital Marketing?

With SEO, the website would have quality content. The content would be related to the needs of the customers. SEO would help it rank higher when someone is looking for a particular niche. However, with the aid of Digital Marketing, it gets a lot easier. Think of it like this. When searching for something, and if you do not find it on the first page, how many of you bother to go to the second page? There would be a minimal number of those who do that; meanwhile, the rest of us would search again with another keyword. SEO needs because the user dislikes going to the second or third page.d

Search Engine Optimization helps to rank websites!

SEO plays a vital role in generating some extra return on investment. SEO achieves through higher website rankings, which is possible through a strong SEO. SEO brings massive traffic by ranking the website higher.

For a successful digital marketing campaign, the ranking factor of the website plays a vital role. This ranking factor increases the website’s visibility and the amount of traffic to a website. More traffic means more potential customers reaching the website, which results in more sales. Therefore the ultimate result is increased revenue.

Furthermore, SEO is not only about increasing the ranks. There is something more to it as well. SEO enhances the user experience as well as it also escalates the usability of a website. SEO delivers a sense of satisfaction for the customers, who would return for more business.

A perfect SEO can develop trust for customers!

Moreover, SEO also creates an environment of trust among customers. A website shows on the first page of a search engine; this makes the person think there might be something about the website, which is why this search engine ranks it so high. Therefore the customers trust the search engine and would not be reluctant to do business with such websites that rank higher than others.


SEO and Digital Marketing go hand in hand. It is reasonable to conclude that SEO has proven to be the soul of Digital Marketing. Without proper SEO, Digital Marketing, if not dead, might still not be as effective as it is with SEO. It helps every business by ranking their website higher and bringing in a lot of traffic. However, one thing to be remembered is that SEO needs daily work. It is not like you do it once and then leaves it. No, that is not the way to do it. It needs regular daily work with updates per the technological world’s updates.

Moreover, using the same SEO technique would not prove fruitful. So it is essential to keep changing the strategy to gain a competitive market advantage. The search engines are also updated daily, with numerous new features added. So it is essential to keep up with those changes and work on the SEO of the website.

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