A Guide to B2B Content Marketing in 2023

Do you know that in this post-pandemic world, users rely about 207% more on content marketing for making purchase decisions?

With such due consideration, it would come off as completely awful to neglect the promptness of Content Marketing. Particularly, within the B2B scenario, where B2B content marketing takes the leap and does its wonders.

In order to create compelling copies consisting of visuals, texts, and numerical data, content marketing in B2B is carried out. It is developed to format the respective businesses creation, distribution, and utilization plan thus to attract target audience.

What is B2B Content Marketing?

B2B content marketing statistics are a sheer full and self-explanatory constitute of the magic that it holds. As 91% success rate is allotted to B2B content marketing. It involves a systematic approach to boosting brand awareness, encouraging customer involvement, and ultimately attaining corporate objectives. B2B content marketing trends beyond the generation of content on an as-needed basis. A clear B2B content marketing strategy serves as a road map for organizations, advising them on the kinds of content to produce, where to distribute it, and how to evaluate its effectiveness.

B2B Content Marketing Examples

B2B content marketing trends are endless, with regards given to the uplifting variations that the contemporary digital marketplace carries. This article has combined several popular B2B content marketing examples thereby to help marketers in developing robust set of needed strategies, templates, and B2B content marketing ideas for better compliance:

Blogs: In the latest B2B content marketing trends 2023, effective blogs are encouraged as one of the most successful trends to follow. Blogs and articles which are informative ranging from being ‘How-to’ in nature, directly emphasizes and ensures traffic is retrieved.

Videos: Apart from textual referencing, the impact that videos are able to create as a part of B2B content marketing trends 2023 is unmatchable. They are an engaging medium to convey information in an interesting way where tutorials, demos, storytelling, and interviews are posted.

Whitepapers, or eBooks: Detailed guides or reports that offer in-depth expertise about a certain subject are an uncanny resemblance presented by business-to-business content marketing. As an illustration, consider the e-Book “The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing Success

Social Media Content: In order to interact better with the audience, the posts comprising of texts, videos, and images have an undeniable value. The B2B content marketing example of social media content is self-explanatory as when businesses rely on professional collaborations, skimming through a potential vendor’s profile they decide onto business terms. LinkedIn is the most highlighted social media platform comprising of the foundation for B2B content marketing stats. It may surprise you to learn that B2B buyers and C-Suite executives utilize social media to make purchases. Thus having the ability to attract, retain, and repurpose audiences for targeted reach too.

Webinars: It is considerate to understand that B2B content marketing strategies are meant to be developed for businesses/brands which are exposed to quite professional terms. Hence webinars as a B2B content marketing strategy are acknowledged thereby to present discussions, opinions, recorded presentations on hot topics, leading agendas, and be as much as possible present for the participants.

Case Studies: Detailed examination of how your service or product helped a customer solve a particular issue. As B2B content marketing statistics vary, the following example of business-to-business content marketing makes the leap. Using a case study as an illustration, show how a digital marketing company assisted a customer in boosting website traffic and conversions.

B2B Content Marketing Strategies

B2B buyer’s Journey: B2B buyer journey is comparatively longer, hence the activities involved in it are complicated as well. Understanding the particularly tactics that are exposed to deploying strategies are essential.

Robust Marketing: Apart from B2b content marketing trends, the stress on the 4 Ps of Marketing must as well rely on high intensity. This goes beyond the psychographic information and include tailored specifications already.

Work on Basics: Unlike typical social media marketing for a B2C company, a B2B content marketing goes beyond social media only and website is referred as one of the basic elements to include.

Brand Positioning: Followed by a competitor analysis, B2B content marketing strategies stands worthy of the brand positioning that it entails. Here What, Why, When, and Who will be considered for better consideration.

Types of B2B Content Marketing

Depending upon the usage, and functionality of a business, content marketing strategy for B2B, there are several types of b2b content marketing mentioned below:

B2B Content TypeExplanation
B2B Email MarketingA tried-and-true strategy for interacting with both individual consumers and company clients is email marketing.
B2B Digital MarketingEvery firm, whether B2B or B2C, should have a digital presence, which includes paid advertisements, SEO, a website, and any other online spaces where your B2B business is engaged.
B2B Content MarketingBusiness decision-makers prefer reading an article over an advertisement for information. Given this, I’d suggest you should devote the same number of resources, if not more, to B2B content marketing statistics than you would to traditional advertising.
B2B Social Media MarketingAs per the b2b content marketing stats, B2B social media marketing is one of the considerate options to rely on for better and proven exposure.


B2B Content marketing is undoubtedly the coming future. With the correct efficiency that it holds, robust characteristic setting that B2B content marketing strategies possess a lifetime guarantee to give brands the portfolio which they deserve. Hence, making the relevancy uplift every time a varying social media trend is designated. This article presents a brief yet wholesome view about what is B2B content marketing, the whereabouts, strategies and possible types of B2B content marketing thus to polish marketers, make businesses excel throughout and also yield related field of returns.

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