The Importance Of Technology

Technology is defined as a thorough process based on the use of science and knowledge in numerous dimensions of daily life in an ordered manner to reach significant and valuable goals for individuals and society.

How is technology important nowadays?

The technological invasion of every home on the planet is apocalyptic. In this postmodern era, it is impossible to ignore the significance of technology. Every human being is dependent on technology in one way or the other. Technology is a crucial component of our daily life today. If the stone age man were alive today, he would not be able to accept what he sees. He might believe he has arrived in a dream universe that doesn’t exist. Life without technology is futile in today’s swift world.

Evolution of Technology

God created man with his thriving nature to achieve the highest standards consistently. Inevitably, man has constantly developed new ways of using his innovations to live a better and standardized life. The primitive technology available during the Stone Age was the ability to make fire out of stone and hunt with sharp objects. Gradual advancement in technology leads us to the times we are in now. The world of technology is constantly evolving. We continuously learn about new scientific and technological advances; thus, technology will never stop.

The Rate of Technological Advancement

Information technology is the fastest-growing industry worldwide because technology is unquestionably still progressing steadily.

How it affects different aspects of our life?

We depend immensely on technology nowadays. Innovations are changing how we live and use technology in our daily lives. Technology is something we use every day without giving it a second thought. It is an integral part of our daily routine, from when we wake up to when we go to sleep. The mobile phone is the prime illustration of technology which is the first thing we check when we get up in the morning.

Technology in Daily Life

Tremendous technological development has contributed to making life a little easier for humans. Increasingly more people are using robots to do daily housekeeping jobs. Robots are frequently employed in restaurants to serve food and clean up messes. Our lives are embedded in technology to the degree that everything we use daily is based on modern technology.

Mobile phones, air conditioners, refrigerators, dishwaters microwaves are all an outcome of cutting-edge technology. Ever-changing means of transportation, from steam engines to bullet trains and from animal carts to electric cars, are all where technology is involved. 

Technology in Education

The days of making handwritten copies of books because they weren’t easily accessible are long gone. But in today’s world, books are not that hard to get yet; students and institutes prefer e-books because they are available on the nail. On top you don’t need to spend a fortune on books now, just to read them out once. One platform connects professors and students.

Virtual classes, online meetings, and e-learning have taken the education system to the extent that students easily and freely learn, being in their comfort zone. E-learning is very beneficial for students nowadays. The students can access programs and websites that provide immediate references, videos, charts, diagrams, facts, and figures. E-libraries are a great source of getting aces to whatever books one needs. Online education has also enabled people with disabilities and health problems to compete with the pace of the world in education. 

Technology in Healthcare

Technology has revolutionized traditional healthcare norms and methodologies and converted them into new and creative methods. The healthcare industry can now do the most challenging surgeries in the nick of time. Nanorobots are designed in such a way as to access body areas that are inaccessible to humans.

Innovative and modern healthcare tools are employed to accurately pinpoint the locations of tumors in the body. For people with diabetes, specific footwear is made to help them recognizes the pressure points and decrease the risk of diabetic foot ulcer. Magnetic resonance imaging, CT scans, etc., help detect many diseases. Artificial hearts are employed to help people with weak cardiac health. 

Technology in Communication and Business

Technology has affected the ways we communicate. People can now share despite the distance. Emails are the core means of formal business communication. Technology has helped flourish, specifically online businesses. More people prefer online shopping today because of its accessibility and lack of human interaction. You are good to go by browsing and selecting the latest trends.

There are numerous more platforms where individuals can publish their thoughts and opinions for the world to read. Informal methods of communication include WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. The Internet is readily available to every person these days, and it is imposing positive and negative impacts on the world of communication. People often manipulate others through online interactions.

Racial prejudice, religious discrimination, online harassment, and hatred are increasingly becoming more common as social media becomes more common. Cyberbullying and stalking are rising as technology becomes more prevalent.


Technology was created for the benefit of humanity. In addition to making life simpler, it also has the potential to make life more difficult. Technology has helped society in numerous ways, such as producing higher agricultural production, better healthcare, and advanced communication methods. The processes that took ages can now be done in the nick of time. Today, information sharing is as simple as a piece of cake. Education possibilities are increased enormously, and resources are easily and readily accessible. But there are many ways technology can be exploited.

“With great power comes great responsibility,” Spiderman says. 

Social tensions, laziness, addictions, and social isolation are the most common prevalent disorders in people obsessed with technology. Technology has limited human interaction. People prefer online interactions rather than going out and greeting people. Ethical concerns such as data misuse are more common today.

Mental health problems are recorded to be the leading cause of suicidal attempts, another widespread outcome of the overuse of technology. With technology overtaking human jobs, low-skilled workers find it hard to get a livelihood. Habitat destruction, environmental hazards, acid rains, and ozone layer depletion are some of the deadliest effects of rapidly prevalent technology. Many species are on the verge of extinction, and some are already extinct. Trees are cut down at full tilt to use the areas for industrialization, causing a severe change in the environment and temperature of the planet.

Consequently causing rampant global warming and climate change. Sometimes deadly viruses can be created accidentally, causing a hazard for humanity, as in the case of covid-19. ‘AI is the greatest danger to humanity,’ says Elon musk. AI machines can invade the planet and humanity if they become too intelligent.

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