How to Create a Seamless Instagram Carousel with Canva?

Instagram, the OG photo-sharing app has now changed! If you’re a content creator or one of the many Instagram users you must have come across to the term of ‘Seamless Carousel Instagram’. How to make seamless carousel Instagram is a different topic, that we will dissect later in this article.

Let’s understand what is a seamless Instagram carousel post from the perspective of social media marketing content! Cause once you jump on this bandwagon, then there is no way going back!

An Instagram seamless carousel template is a series of static post and videos where through visual creativity business goals are achieved. Digital Marketing quotes this social media marketing content technique an effective one where around 30% brand awareness is affirmed.

Let’s walk you down through the steps on how to create seamless Instagram carousel in Canva:

Canva serves to be as one of the most effective Instagram Carousel Design tools which is popular for the convenience, creativity, and variety that it offers. It makes Instagram feed look appealing, and also conveys the message.

Step#1: Plan a Seamless Carousel Instagram in Canva

The first step of social media marketing content is to propose a message that best attracts the target audience. With Canva pro’s toolkit, this task becomes easier. Before hoping onto actually designing a Seamless Instagram Carousel Post in Canva, it is first vital to decide onto a brand theme including color, font, and logo.

As this step might seem initial, basic but carries the most amount of influence. As for Instagram users, the overall ideology of a brand must depict from the fact that a brand is willing to reciprocate the same efforts from its content. Which directly contributes to make a seamless carousel Instagram Canva post. Thus, to make the attention catching performance visible and present for possible brand awareness in the meantime.

Step#2: Choose the right size for your Seamless Carousel Instagram in Canva

One thing to remember while designing for a seamless carousel Instagram post is to choose the correct size and shape. The shape should be square, and size dimensions should be 1080px by 1080px. With each slide, dimensions will be multiplied and hence an accumulated figure will be chosen. Sizes as well depend upon the clarity that is driven to have setting set aside in the marginal time period.

Step#3: Choose Visuals for Seamless Carousel Sizes

For a Seamless Carousel Instagram, afterwards to selecting the right size the next task is to choose visuals for the message intended for Instagram users. On a blank canvas, start building a visual guide, in a way that looks cohesive and united. From font selection, to elements, to background colors, till transitioning effects Canva Pro gives the ultimate freedom to create seamless Instagram carousel and increase engagement from target audience.

It is necessary to make text, and visuals align in a way that combine every combination dictates the same ideology and message. In order to create a seamless carousel Instagram Canva,the elements must complement the message for Instagram users.

Step#4: Align every Content Piece

Instagram Carousel Design are considered unique because every multimedia of the seamless carousel Instagram collaborates with one another. For which, revise carousel in a manner that supports the strategic alignment and provides the message. Each slide should have a unique piece of information that adds to the overarching point you’re trying to make. To create a visually appealing and interesting carousel, combine text, graphics, and videos.

Each seamless Instagram carousel experience should have a caption that is interesting and brief. Ensure that in order to make everything is contextualized and expanded upon by the captions. To keep your target audience interested, be sure to make them fascinating and pertinent.

Step#5: Riven the Carousel

After the creation of a seamless carousel template, it then becomes mandatory to riven the carousel thereby to download it from Canva. To make sure that an identified pattern is gained riven is necessary for splitting different pictures of a seamless carousel.

Step#6: Post a Seamless Carousel Template

Before hitting the publish button, you certainly do not want the Instagram users to get bombarded with baseless information.  Which is where, the values combine and the need of captions, and posts are integrated.


Multiple pieces of content can be shared in one post using an Instagram carousel. With a series of photos, videos, and text slides that create a coherent story or deliver a clear message, you may interest your target audience. When creating your seamless carousel Instagram, keep in mind to incorporate coherent branding aspects such fonts, colors, content, captions, alt text and graphic elements to maintain a consistent visual design. An Instagram Carousel design will look polished and established as a result.

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