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There is no time to waste if your software-as-a-service (SaaS) company is seeking for a digital marketing strategy. Digital Marketing for SaaS companies are the future. Mainly because of the proficiency and Excellency it carries. As an experienced SaaS marketing strategy hoarder, it could be confirmed that without learning the robust SaaS marketing tactics, it is absolutely not possible to excel in this market.

A great SaaS marketing plan targeted exclusively at SaaS is the only thing preventing you from total industry dominance.

SaaS companies need their own hyper-specialized SaaS marketing strategy to spin even though digital marketing strategies use the same tools from a common figurative tool box (think inbound marketing using paid search, SEO, and social media).

Thereby, it is quite worthy that a business deserve a digital marketing for SaaS companies strategy that takes into account your particular problems and enables you to scale, from fundraising efforts to retention issues to converting leads into subscribers over the protracted and winding sales cycle.

In SaaS marketing, Developing distinctive, captivating, brand-specific content requires an understanding of who you are (and aren’t!). Start with our brand strategy tools, which will walk you through your heart, messaging, and visual identity, if you haven’t thoroughly documented your brand traits. This makes sure that the appearance, tone, and personality of every piece of content you produce reflect your brand.

Develop your narrative skills. Use these questions as a starting point for new story ideas and our guide to grasp the fundamentals of effective brand storytelling.

In the SaaS marketing, there are a few terms which are worthy enough to understand with regards to the importance of digital marketing for SaaS companies:

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

The cost to acquire a new paying customer through any particular marketing channel is known as the customer acquisition cost. For instance, if you spend $1,000 on Google advertisements and receive 10 paying clients, your CAC is $100.

It might be challenging to precisely evaluate CAC for organic channels like content marketing, organic search, or organic social.

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV, CLTV, or LTV)

Customer lifetime value is essentially the average value of a single paying customer to your firm. Your CLV is $180 if you only sell one membership for $30 per month and the customer stays with you for an average of 6 months. The maths gets a little bit trickier if you have different membership prices.


The CLV:CAC ratio simply indicates the proportion of customers whose lifetime value exceeds your customer acquisition cost. Your CLV:CAC ratio is 3 if acquiring a customer costs you $60 and they are each worth, on average, $180.

Customer Churn Rate

The percentage of paying customers that quit their subscription at any point is known as the customer churn rate. In this scenario, digital marketing for SaaS companies has the scenario where a weekly churn rate and a quarterly churn rate, for instance, will change significantly. You simply choose a specific time frame and calculate the percentage of all users who left during that time to determine your churn rate. Your monthly churn rate is 1% if 100 out of every 10,000 customers left in a given month.

You must exclude recently acquired consumers from the totals when you calculate churn in order to distinguish it from growth.

Net Promoter Score

Many startups and SaaS companies use the Net Promoter survey. A SaaS marketing strategy frequently use survey to determine how likely a customer is to recommend their product. The consumer is asked to rate how likely they are to refer your product in a straightforward one-question survey. Thus making digital marketing for SaaS to be as competent as possible.


There is no getting around the fact that developing a SaaS marketing strategy requires a great deal of sophistication given the peculiarities of the sector. It can be particularly difficult for SaaS marketing startups or companies with a small marketing staff to implement the strategy on their own. However, it is feasible!

You may zero in on your plan and achieve success by first laying a strong foundation, selecting the right SaaS marketing plan priorities, and utilizing the marketing channels that are most advantageous to your SaaS business. We hope that digital marketing for SaaS companies have given you the creative spark you need to go above and beyond with your SaaS marketing.

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