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In the contemporary timeline, social media consumption and possible functionalities holds an undeniable importance for marketers, and companies. Mainly because as internet users increase, the trend to rely on social media has also amplified. With consideration to which, social media evaluation stands worthy of noticing.

In the western side of the world, companies have move forward with this evaluation and started posting social media evaluator jobs. Before exploring the rising trend of social media evaluation, let’s first understand that

What is a social media evaluator job?

On different job posting platforms, social media evaluator jobs are explained with regards to their roles & responsibilities. An individual who is assigned to give feedback on brand ads, news feed, analytics of social media platforms to a brand is a social media evaluator. Social media evaluator jobs are remote based, which allows people to work from any part of the world. For fresh graduates or beginners, it appears as an appealing opportunity as it mostly does not require prior experience from the candidate.

There are a variety of tasks that social media evaluators are obliged to perform, including the following:

  • Score the relevancy, and quality of Ads on certain parameters.
  • Declare user search intent related queries on social media platforms.
  • Create different categories of topics for a product/service and assign posts to it.
  • Implement a variety of proven effective methods for how to evaluate a social media campaign.
  • Conclude either the claim made in content pieces (text, or visuals) are real or not.

To the bottom, a social media evaluator contributes in making companies excel their social media portfolios. Thus, to make their customer base steady, and loyal. All the mentioned duties of a social media content evaluator require tools, and techniques that reverts back with steady and robust results. Providing brands in consideration with the appealing chance to hire creative minds.

Social Media Evaluation Tools

How to evaluate a social media campaign depends on a variety of factors, and a great deal of evaluation comes from the tools that social media content evaluators use. With regards to functionality, and extent of reliable results, these tools have been mentioned below:

Facebook Ads Library

In the initial phase of social media evaluation, Facebook and its built-in tools comes handy enough to predict and prospect on the current scenario. Facebook has been introducing additional transparency features to provide all users more control over advertisement behavior ever since the 2016 US Presidential Election. How to evaluate a social media campaign has a lot of answers to it, and anyone can use the Facebook Ad Library to search for any company by name and discover the advertisements they are currently running on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, or the Audience Network. It is a remarkably potent tool.

Social Status-Ads Analytics

While Ads Library displays the ads that a company is running, it is unable to display how well the ads are doing. It will be your responsibility as a social media evaluator to relate the variations in ad creative to ad performance metrics like impressions, cost per click, cost per conversion, etc. For examining owned ad performance, a social media evaluation form is built across the Facebook family of applications (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Audience Network), Social Status Ads Analytics is a market-leading solution.

Social Status-Profile Analytics

Profile analytics is one of the most effective tools when it comes to summarizing metrics of different social media platforms with regards to their performances. Introduced by Social Status, profile analytics serve to compare Facebook pages progress, Instagram profiles, YouTube Channels, LinkedIn business profile, and twitter accounts on an administrative format thereby to make it easier for the social media content evaluator to evaluate and comment accordingly.


How to evaluate social media content is such a broad yet widespread field that with evolving times and following trends the protocol to do so is as well varying. Therefore, if you are a beginner or a fresh graduate looking to find social media evaluator jobs then it is your sign to work on evaluation skills. Followed by applying to potential job hunters as well. Mainly because of the social media content emergence in almost every domain, and business field this domain is going to further boom in the coming years. Furthermore, the element of ‘work-from-home’ or remote job is itself much appealing for youngsters in this era of inflation, and smart working.

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