Free Video Editing Software for Gaming

New technology comes with a new era. According to advancements, one tries to adapt oneself. Choosing a niche that offers entertainment and money at the same time is common among people. The gaming industry can meet these requirements.

You can start a channel if you enjoy playing games. It is one of the most frequently asked questions which software should we choose that is free and professional? Can they get away with free gaming video editing software and still have good quality look videos?

The answer to these questions is simple. Yes, many are out there, but you need to use the right one because most are pretty crap. Here you’ll find those that have no watermark, and they’re powerful enough to edit complex gaming videos. Below are some of the best free gaming video editing software


Filmora is one of the top free gaming video editing software for pc that provides professional quality editing features. Filmora is wondershare’s standard, offering simple, high-quality video editing. It is easy to use and comes with filters, overlays, motion elements, transitions, and a small section of royalty-free music. Filmora can handle high- footage, supports multiple export forms and provides robust features.


● Excellent balance of features and simplicity

● Quick video tutorials

● Rich effect collection

● Copyright-free soundtracks.

● Flexible pricing plans

● Free feature-packed tool kit


● Paid Features

● Paid Effects

Windows Movie Maker

Windows movie maker is another best free gaming video editing software that is most of the time already installed on the pc. It offers editing tools like crop, trimming, and joining video clips. People use this for gaming because it comes free with windows.


● Provides essential video editing tools

● Easy to Use

● Diverse Transitions

● Automatic Preview Option

● Multiple Audio Features


● Don’t offer advance level editing

● Fewer tools

● Complicated

● Effects cannot be adjusted

● Paid Version

iMyFone Filme

 This video editing software is designed for people who want to avoid getting involved in technical stuff. By using it, videos can be edited in an unorthodox and creative manner. It is easy to use. Even if you’re a beginner, you can professionally edit your videos. It provides simple and smooth editing. It offers fast video mode for users. It cleanses with one click only. A variety of filters are available to make video editing more professional. It also provides cinematic effects to make professional videos. One of the best features is adding text to the game. Video becomes more attractive and colorful this way.


● Fast video mode with one click

● Cool Transitions

● Basic to use if you’re a beginner

● Multiple Animations and Filters

● Multi-track Option


● New product on the market


If you’re looking for software that provides a variety of features for free, then Shotcut is the best free gaming video editing software. One of the best features of the shortcut is its interface. Its panels are resizeable, making the interface easy for beginners to use. It has a vast library of audio and video filters that are adjustable. Some more cool filters have been added recently, such as earthquakes, trails, choppy, nervous, glitch, dither, vertigo, and many more.


● Customizable Filters

● Well-Designed Interface

● 100% free


● No 3D support

● Limited Transitions

VSDC Video Editor

This software is free for you if you want a professional touch on your editing. This free gaming video editing software is 100% recommended by experts. It has a customizable interface. You can move your panels and adjust your toolbar. Its drag-and-drop feature makes editing easier. Another feature is the preview option, which lets you edit your videos without opening Windows Media Player. It has many filters for blurring, sharpening, pixelating, diffusing, and embossing the tape. It has the best feature for editing sports videos.


● Non-linear Editing

● Features like Chroma Key & Color Wheel

● Easy to Use


● Hidden Functions

● Software Crashing

● Paid Features

DaVinci Resolve

Software designed especially for professional video editors that provides a feature-rich, high-end video editing program. One of the best features is fusion integration which offers tools like painting, particle effects, animation, etc. During editing, you can add a wide variety of audio products. Like other software, DaVinci Resolve also offers a variety of filters like blurring and color effects, enhancing the video’s quality.


● Hardware Requirement

● Free Version


● Don’t provide a direct share option

● The advanced feature requires learning to edit videos

● An expensive computer or pc is required


It is one of the software introduced by Apple. It provides plenty of features to its users, which results in impressive editing. You can easily share videos on other platforms. It is easy to use and offers premium-quality titles and video filters. Therefore it’s the best for YouTubers too.


● Many audio tools

● Best titles

● High-quality effects

● Best interface


● 360-degree video editing is not available

● Lacks motion tracking feature

● Bad interface


It is one of the most affordable and easy-to-use software for beginners. It has a user-friendly interface. You can directly export your video to any social media platform easily. Compared to other software, it offers a variety of filters that are free of cost.


● You can directly export video

● You can edit to 360 degree

● Easy to learn for beginners


● Lacks motion tracking features

● Many features are paid


It is a free and open-source video editing software. This software is recommended to those beginners who want to start their career from scratch. It offers a lot of features, such as customizable title card templates. It provides a drag and drops part too.


● Make digital effect videos

● Unlimited layers for watermark

● Customizable title card templates

● 3D animation feature


● Offers watermark

● Paid features


Although Lightworks is the best software, it offers a limited range of free features. It is not an easy-to-use program and requires knowledge to use it. Its free version has powerful features. By using this software, you can edit your video while adding new content. It has simple trim functions for fast and precise video editing. That’s why it is the best free gaming video editing software. It supports a wide range of formats. You can try this software for a long time without paying for the premium version.


You must carefully read the above-written article and its pros and cons to get a basic idea of which software best suits you. All the software discussed here is free gaming video editing software that beginners can use in freelancing and experts can also use. I hope this article will provide you with valuable information. Keep in mind that everything software has merits and demerits as well. It would help if you went through this article to find software of your interest.

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