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In this era of constant alterations, it has become mandatory to rely on interactive posts for social media to grow and engage with target audience. Brands in the recent years have although combined this strategy of interactive posts to make their brands alive and in connection with users. As a matter of fact, 88% of digital marketers quote interactive social media posts as a part of their USP (Unique selling proposition).

This article is intended to discover social media posts, which are regarded as the interactive posts that are due the followed transactions. Engagement posts for social media serve as a two-way path where a brand collaborates with their online community to make sure that efforts from their end are not going unnoticed.

Let us understand and explore the possible 5 interactive social media posts which have significant impact on a virtual brand’s virtual space.

Announce a Giveaway or Contest

Social media users are willing to interact with your content without any hesitation. Social media posts, which are too interactive, contribute in making the audience stop and interact with the post. But if they receive something in return, others might feel more motivated to do so.

Because of this, competitions and giveaways are among the most well-liked categories of interactive content. Their involvement only requires a little of their time on the computer, and they could win! Interactive Facebook posts are the key to make audience hooked with the updates, and respective content layout.

For instance, sorted layers of engagement posts for social media including “Like and Share” competitions for free food are frequently held by eateries. Shares enable brands to reach a wider audience, whereas Likes provide brands an idea of how many people are engaged with their postings.

Tag a Friend

Asking your audience to “tag a friend” who would connect to your post is another technique to increase your readership for the interactive social media post ideas. Posts with the hashtag “tag a friend” are extremely viral on mobile and can appeal to the emotions of the audience to motivate them to act.

A hospitality company might, for instance, invite its fans to identify a buddy who needs a holiday. Their Interactive social media posts open up to an array where Tag a friend posts are a great way for clothing stores to get their new season’s trends in front of people who would look fantastic wearing them.

Interactive fb post calls for a creative yet informational way of engaging with the audience. This style can be used for similar results by technology businesses, digital agencies, and any other product-based business.

Create Polls

In the list of interactive posts, asking your audience to participate in a poll. Where a brand can create interactive post of creating polls and ask relevant questions to the target audience. This method is quite intriguing and successful for brands who post on a daily basis and their target customers are mostly active as well.

YouTube Videos

YouTube video cards can make inactive viewing completely engaging. Social media posts that are concluding enough of this capacity where interactive posts are aligned. They are effective communication tools that support the video without taking attention away from it.

Throughout the film, cards pop up at specific times and are used for a variety of tasks. Merchandise cards, for instance, can connect viewers to a website link where they can buy the things they see in the film. Interactive social media postsincluding some YouTube channels make it simple for viewers to subscribe to their channel right from the video by using video cards.

Live Sessions

By going live, you can communicate with your audience in real time while removing any barriers that might be in the way. These type of social media posts are effective on their own truly. Live sessions helps brands to further claim their products or services in the best way possible by creating a relationship with their audience. By including them within the process live sessions are able to create a sheet understanding on both ends.


Creating interactive posts on social media have a non-negotiable importance. For brands who are always on the seek for audience which is intriguing enough. Thus it is advisable to always rely on interactive posts which are in trend and relevant to company’s current offerings.

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