SuperVPN: Best VPN for Change Your IPs: Download SuperVPN in 202

Let us know that SuperVPN Free VPN Client is an Android app for connecting to virtual private networks. It’s for Android and lets you connect to virtual private networks from your smartphone or tablet. Unlike many other VPN solutions for Android, It doesn’t require root access. The app is free to a degree. It comes with a 20-day trial that gives liberated get to. After 20 days, you can pay to upgrade to the full version or utilize it for an additional 60 minutes every session.

Also, it has servers in only nine countries, cannot access Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+, and doesn’t have extras like obfuscation and perfect forward secrecy. Also, SuperVPN needs to say how numerous synchronous associations it permits.

Important features of SuperVPN

I went through a few weeks of testing and inquiring about SuperVPN to see if it’s significant. It is one of the least secure and trustworthy VPNs out there. SuperVPN logs client IP addresses, and its protection arrangement needs to be revised on whether or not it keeps records of your online activity.

Also, it can’t keep you safe online because it doesn’t have essential security features like bank-grade encryption and a kill switch.

Privacy policy & login

SuperVPN logs even more user data than is stated in its privacy policy, but collecting your IP address is already enough to de-anonymize you. Previously, its security arrangement was facilitated on an HTTP server and referenced obsolete information security enactment. Similarly, it has since moved to an HTTPS server, reducing its privacy policy to a few poorly-written paragraphs.

  Security logs of SuperVPN

SuperVPN has a lousy privacy policy; it says the VPN logs access logs, which it defines as your IP address, browser type, and operating system. In addition, The VPN also logs your email addresses (to register an account) and payment data.

 Additionally, the policy does not specify if SuperVPN records your internet activity (including websites accessed and files acquired). It is an unacceptable breach of privacy and automatically caps this VPN privacy and logging policy rating at 0.1/10.

Speed of actual performance

To calculate the SuperVPN download speed score, we conducted weekly speed tests while connected to five of these VPN servers around the globe. Our standard testing process usually includes nine server locations, but VPN’s limited server network restricted us.

I ran a speed test while connected to a server in each of the nine countries where SuperVPN has a server to find its average VPN speeds.

Whereas I had the quickest speeds associated with a VPN server in Germany (I’m from Romania), my rates were moreover better than average on far-off servers within the US, but HD recordings buffered habitually.

You can use the table underneath to see how SuperVPN’s speed test occurs. 

Server Location(No VPN) New YorkUS (New York)Canada (Toronto)UK (London)Japan (Tokyo)
Download Speed100Mbps48Mbps50Mbps32Mbps50Mbps
Upload Speed100Mbps59Mbps40Mbps23Mbps87Mbps

As the data above demonstrates, SuperVPN Free slowed our download speeds by 52% on a nearby server. Depending on your internet connection speed, you may need help to carry out data-intensive tasks while using this free VPN. It incorporates HD Spilling, huge file-sharing, and online gaming. A substantial reduction in speed with similar results was seen across its network, including a 50% speed loss when connecting to Canada.

Ease of Use: Mobile & Desktop Apps

Most VPNs don’t have an official website, and other apps and browser extensions have the same name. The best way to get the app is to download it from the Google Play Store. It doesn’t have iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux; it only has an app for Android.

SuperVPN’s mobile application is challenging to locate; it occasionally performs poorly, and the user layout needs to be designed with a contemporary aesthetic. Other beat VPNs like ExpressVPN and Private Web Get have better-looking apps for all stages that are much less demanding to utilize and feature-rich.

Streaming Device & OS Compatibility

SuperVPN for pc unblocks BBC iPlayer on its UK server but falls flat to work with each other, gushing benefit. Despite the HD quality, we, too, experienced moderate stack times and buffering all through testing. Generally, SuperVPN could be a needy choice for spilling.

Here’s a list of well-known gushing administrations with which the SuperVPN Quick VPN client works. 

Streaming PlatformWorks with SuperVPN Free VPN Client
All 4No
Amazon Prime VideoNo
BBC iPlayerYes
Hotstar IndiaNo

It is only compatible with Android; it can’t be introduced on any other gadget, including Windows, macOS, iOS, or Linux. It doesn’t have browser extensions or apps for Amazon Fire TV and Android TV, either.

Another incredible reason to utilize a VPN is to thwart location-restricted administrations. A video-streaming benefit includes appearing you need to observe but doesn’t stream it to your nation. With the best VPN, you’ll interface to a server within the fitting country and thus pick up the appearance you need.

Is SuperVPN safe and free?

No, SuperVPN isn’t a safe VPN. Whereas it has IPv6 and DNS spill assurance, it doesn’t have industry-standard VPN security highlights, like 256-bit AES encryption and a slaughter switch. Also, the free plan limits you to 60-minute VPN sessions after the first 20 days, requiring you to reconnect to the VPN after each session expires, and there are also in-app ads.

SuperVPN download for pc offer a free subscription. However, I don’t advise using it. What’s most helpful is that SuperVPN needs fundamental security highlights like 256-bit encryption and a slaughter switch, and it has protection issues (it logs your IP address, browser sort, working framework, and conceivably your online activity).

And most have been included in protection outrages, which come about in splitting client information. That VPN logs IP addresses, and it’s vague on the off chance that it keeps logs of the websites you visit and records you download.

Is this VPN work on Netflix?

SuperVPN logs your IP address, browser sort, and working framework. The security arrangement doesn’t say whether or not SuperVPN logs your activity. So, you can’t trust SuperVPN’s claims. I am inclined toward VPNs with clear and strict no-logs approaches that have been freely reviewed and affirmed, like ExpressVPN and VyprVPN.

Security of SuperVPN 2023

In general, you don’t introduce it on your Android gadget. Instead, either considers Super VPN downloading one of these top free VPNs, or you can purchase one of the best premium VPNs on the market in 2023. The best VPNs are below:

  1. NordVPN – Best VPN for Windows Overall.
  2. Private Internet Access VPN – Best Mobile App VPN for Windows.
  3. ExpressVPN – Best VPN for Added Security.
  4. Surfshark – Best Windows VPN for User Experience.

How to use SuperVPN?

Click the Connect Button on the main screen to use SuperVPN if a Windows or Android system shows a dialogue to request connection permission. Click OK or accept to continue.

How much time is a single link to SuperVPN allowed to utilize?

As long as you can, we don’t set time and traffic limitations on each connection.

Customer Support

You may access the server list by touching the flag icon in the top-right corner or using the drop-down menu on the home screen. It would be best to manually disconnect each time before switching server locations, which is annoying. Better-designed VPNs, such as NordVPN, allow you to seamlessly change server locations without forcing you to disconnect from the VPN.


 Finally, I will conclude that SuperVPN Free VPN Client is an Android app connecting to virtual private networks. SuperVPN permits tormenting on all of its servers and works with prevalent downpour clients like uTorrent, Bit Torrent, and Tornado. You can utilize the app and all its highlights without any extraordinary authorizations. The free SuperVPN Download Fast VPN Client APK from Up to down and use it freely.

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