Video Editing Rates in 2023: How Much Should You Charge?

Being a professional is not easy! With clients demand reaching to peaks nowadays the justified pricing plan is hard to achieve. If you are video editor, you must have come across to struggling with deciding onto video editing rates. However, with such a consistent and growing demand of video editing needs, it is considerate to stay awoke for these types of freelance job.

Which is why, in this article we will be answering one of the most asked question about:

How much to charge for video Editing?

Video editing services nowadays that truly does the job provide timely submissions, gives revisions on time as well and the foremost vital consideration in a video editing freelance job is to decide on to the video editing rates.

For a paid video editing work gig, it is important that you consider factors including your per hour rate, rely on a project-based pricing, consider a value-based pricing, or develop package pricing.

Let us understand how these factors contribute to make charge for video editing plan.

Hourly Rate

Video editing companies in the contemporary era look out to hire video editors that are professional when it comes to edit videos for justified digital channels. It should be understood, but you will undoubtedly start at the bottom of the rates if you are a fresh out of college video editor and have little experience working on commercial projects. Never stress or worry about it. Everybody has been there. It is uncommon to accept a few free projects in such a cut throat field to build up your portfolio before charging for actual work.

Larger businesses with ongoing needs for video editing may employ video editors on a salary basis. This entails a consistent flow of work, a reliable income, and full-time employee benefits—along with a set timetable and limited project control, (you edit what your employer instructs you to edit).

As far as the video editor cost on an hourly basis is concerned, for beginners it is recommended to lie in between $20-45, for an intermediate level, freelance job the hourly rate must be in between $45-$100, whilst for producers, or professional video editing charges the rates should lie in between $60-$100.

Project-Based Pricing

For business owners, professional video editing software are useless without video editing rates that does not justifies the job. Knowing the extent of the raw material and the desired completed result is crucial for all sorts of video editing work. If a client wants a 20-minute film to be made from 200 hours of material, it will take a lot of time to sort through the footage and determine what is suitable. The charge for video editing on the base of projects must be divided onto the following:

Weddings and events: People hanker after expertly edited video of all kinds of significant occasions. Wedding and event video editors often make $20 to $200 per hour as a beginning wage, although this can increase depending on the editor’s skills and experience.

Commercials and branded storytelling: The Blue Collar Post Collective (BCPC) reports that the following freelance commercial and branded storytelling editors earn the following pay rates:

*Hourly rates range from $20 to $500; the average rate is $83*

*Day pricing ranges from $175 to $2,000, with a $771 average*

Documentaries: The compensation for documentaries varies substantially. For documentaries they view as passion projects or that center on subjects they respect much, some editors may labor at a substantially lower fee. The BCPC displays the following documentary video editing rates:

*Hourly rates range from $55 to $150 with an average of $87*

*Day rates range from $325 to 1,500 with an average of $692*

*Weekly rates range from $500 to $5,000 with an average of $3,597*

Episodic programs: Due to union rules, TV show video editing rates are uniform. According to the BCPC, standard prices are:

*Hourly rate: $42-$150; average hourly rate: $89*

*Day rate: $475-$1,100; average day rate: $763*

*Weekly rates range from $2,000 to $7,000, with an average of $4,250*

Scripted features: The Motion Pictures Editors Guild, which controls contracts and pay rates, is expected to include editors working on scripted features. The average yearly salary for a film video editor in the United States is $54,055, as of December 2022. The following are the BCPC’s prices for editing scripted features:

*Hourly rates range from $32 to $75; the average cost is $52*

*Day pricing ranges from $600-$3000; the average day rate is $1,160*

*Weekly rates range from $900 to $20,000; $4,728 on average*


In conclusion, having reasonable video editing cost expenditures is essential for a number of reasons. First off, editing videos is a specialized skill that calls for technological knowledge, creativity, and expertise. Professional video editors devote a lot of time and energy to perfecting their profession, remaining current with editing trends, and learning challenging software programs. Video editors should be well compensated for their expertise, just like any other talented worker.

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